Converting a Foreign Driving License into a Malaysia’s Driving License

Application to Convert a Foreign Driving License to a Malaysian Driving License for Countries that have Two-Way Agreement with Malaysia (Automatic).

For applications in his category, applicants (foreigner nationals) can submit their applications to the nearest Road Transport (RTD) offices, Approval for conversion under this procedure is only for class D car driving license and class B2/B motorcycle driving license.

Required Documents

  1. MyKad or Passport.
  2. Visa –Valid for no less than 3 months.
  3. Valid foreign driving license.
  4. Translation letter for driving license (if the foreign driving license is not in English).
  5. Endorsement from embassy of country of origin or endorsement from the licensing authority. (Embassy means the embassy of the license’ country of origin located in Malaysia, or other country nearest to Malaysia).
  6. Colour photo (25mm×35mm).
  7. Completed Form JPJ L1
  8. Additional documents if required.


1. Charges for conversion process of RM 20.00

2. Malaysian driving license fee of RM 30.00 per year


    All original documents and copies (one each) must be submitted together with application.
    Approval is subject to terms and conditions set in the RTD guidelines.
    A completed submission does not guarantee approval.


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