BDEXPAT Leaders' Talk

Leaders' Talk is an Initiative by Bangladeshi Expats in Malaysia to engage and build professional network among Bangladeshi Professionals living and working in Malaysia

BDExpat Boithok – বৈঠক

Introducing BDExpat Boithok - বৈঠক। A community gathering for sharing and learning

BDExpat Tech Adda

BDExpat Tech Adda: A discussion and knowledge sharing session among members on Technology

BDExpat Kids' Club

BDExpat Kids' Club: An initiative to enrich our next generation with required knowledge and skills


BDEXPAT is a virtual network of Bangladeshi Citizen who are living and working in Malaysia
New Member guideline 1. Please register yourself at 2. Member will be added in relevant group after membership is approved by Admins. Usual Approval will take 7 days. very Saturday Admin Panel will review and approve all new members and add them in WhatsApp and in Facebook group. Members can follow our Facebook page, YouTube channel and also join our Facebook groups which are Facebook Page: General Group: Marketplace: YouTube Channel:
Each Member will be enjoy various benefits and discounts at different business organizations in Malaysia. Each member will be eligible to get a privilege card

Benefits of Membership

  • Members will be connected via facebook and whatsapp network.
  • Members can take support from other members.
  • Members can all events organized by BDExpats.
  • Member’s family and kids will be allowed to join in family and kids’ club events.
  • Members will be eligible to take privilege card which will give them numerous discount and other privileges at many business organization across Malaysia


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