BDExpat Kid’s Club: Math Workshop on Smart Calculation

BDExpat Kid’s Club is organizing Math Workshop on Smart Calculation from October. It will be a session of 10 sessions and each session will be one hour long. Kids will be introduced below topics

1. Odd & Even numbers
2. Prime numbers
3. Rounding & Partitioning
4. Negative Numbers
5. Time
6. Fractions
7. Decimals
8. Perimeter & Area

The workshop will be conducted in a fun-filled way so that kids get interested and learn easily and quickly.

Details of the session are as below,

  • The sessions will be conducted online. Each class will be recorded so that students can watch it later.
  • This is a session to bring mathematics interesting for kids.
  • There will be 10 sessions for this workshop.
  • Sessions will be conducted during the weekend (most possibly on Saturday).
  • Registration frees per kid will be RM 100 for BDExpat members and RM 125 for Non-Members

Please complete your registration for your kids,

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