Kids’ Club Coding Class – Phase 2 Announcement

The wait is over! Announcing new coding courses for kids.
After the successful coding classes & first-ever kids Hackathon, we are going to kick start our new courses. Since Youth Hub is a registered Non Profit organization & BD Expats Kids Club is a community initiative so to run this project smoothly this time we are charging a small course fee. Please note that this course fee will be used for the course materials, gifts, and Miscellaneous costs.
Course 1: Learn Coding with Fun (Scratch)
(9 Classes, weekly 1 class , 1.30 Hours per class)
(No coding experience is required)
Course 1:
What is Coding and Programming
Block-based coding in Scratch
Create Interactive story
Make your hero fly
Make a Game
Interactive Presentation
How to create and design your favorite character
Play with Colors
and many more.
Course 2: Learn Coding with Fun (Basic Python)
(10 Classes, weekly 1 class, 1.30 Hours per class)
1. What is a Programming language?
2. What is Python?
3. Why we use Python?
4. How to install and download Python?
5. First python Program
6. Input and output
7. Discuss on Variable & Data Type
8. Discuss on the mathematical operation
9. Discuss on logic – if/else
10. What is loop?
11. for loop
12. While loop
13. break and continue
14. What is Function?
15. List and Tuples
16. Build a program/project — Number Guessing Program /
17. Random number / Prime Number
Course 3 (Learn Advance Python)
Class 1 and 2:
* Introduction
1. Dictionary and set
2. Math function in python
3. Array and Numpy
Class 3 and 4:
1. Pass list to a function
2. Fibonacci sequence
3. Recursion
4. Factorial
5. Lambda
Class 5 and 6:
1. Object-oriented programming
2. Class and object
3. Constructor
4. Method
Class 7 and 8:
1. Inheritance
2. Polymorphism
3. Overloading
4. Overriding
Class 9:
1. Abstract class
2. Revision
Class 10:
1. Final exam
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