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We face challenges with our day-to-day activities related to IT, and IT is also changing every day. Newer technologies are introduce in business. We cannot ignore these changes if we wish to sustain.

At the same time, it is quite difficult to learn about new technologies, new features regularly.

From BDExpat, we are arranging a 30-Min session where we will talk about new features / technology / IT / Problem and will show how we can play with it.

The first session will be a light discussion as well as hands-on demo on “How we can smoothly do our day to day business and/or personal need with very simple IT?

This will be totally voluntary activity from our members to our remembers. Anyone can pre-register and book a slot to share. And anyone can join (pre-registration will be required. We will inform you the registration process later on). And Registration is absolutely free.

First Session will be on 29th November, at 9 PM. First topic will be cyber security for children and family members. We will show how easily we can manage it with no additional cost.

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