DesignCo started it’s business since 2019 with a bunch of professionals
who worked/working in top level of national and multinational
companies in the country and abroad with a firm and wide vision to
work on Garments, leather and woodcraft segment. On Garments
segment DesignCo works on mainly exceptional printing area which are
vinyl/heat transfer paper print, 3D printing, UV print, Color changing
printing, Thermal printing and many other variety of printing which are
new in Bangladesh. We also do work on denim for any direct laser
printing, ripped design etc. We engrave, cut and make design of all
types of shoes, ladies bags, money bag, belt etc whether it leather,
synthetic or any other materials. We do all types of woodcraft with any
types of design. We have most advanced and faster laser and marking
machine in this business. Use of laser technology has grown
significantly during recent years due to number of advantages over
conventional cutting methods, flexibility, high production speed,
possibility to cut complex geometries, easier cutting of customized
parts, and less leftovers of leather makes laser cutting more and more
economically attractive to apply for leather cutting. We are connected
and committed to design your head to toe on fashion materials and
accessories and corporate promotional goods.

CODEX is a Malaysia, Nepal & Bangladesh based Tech Company working with a view to solve social & Citizen problems with technology solutions.

Codex is focusing on Public Service Innovation, Software Development, Web Solution, Mobile Application, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design and IT Training.

When we started in 2014 in Bangladesh, we were just a team of five people. Over the years, we have developed process and system. We are working hard to make sure that everyone is in line. Now we are a team of 23 people and very confident for making any kinds of software and mobile application. We have realized that women are also good workers. So we have involved women in our company as workers and partners to reduce the discrimination among men and women. At the beginning, it was tough to survive, by very slow degrees we have established. We are progressing day by day.

We get the requirements from our clients, then customize the product according to the requirements and deliver it. Finally, we train the people and implement it on behalf of the clients. That’s the way we work. We also innovate some public services related to technology for reducing hassle, corruption and time. We are working with many Government and private organizations.

Our mission and vision are to solve social & citizen problems with technology solutions. CODEX believes that one day our dreams come true.