EMEC is one of the research based educational institutes in Malaysia which is approved by the Ministry of Education-MoE. EMEC aims to enrich the depth of a student’s knowledge. It adopts the Cambridge Curriculum from elementary to AS level through its own teaching and learning method accredited by the Ministry of Education-MoE. EMEC is highly committed to provide quality education for every student.

Plain polau

Kichuri with fried chicken 

Bot Bhuna 

Chicken korma

Chicken roast  whole chicken 

Beef kolijs bhuna 



Tea iteam


Sweet boondi 

Taal fal dessert 

Minumum order 6 each customers will get a free box of Sweet bondi

  1. Beef tahari
  2. Foska
  3. Cotpoti
  4. Kabab

We, Mithai Ghor (মিঠাই ঘর), started with a noble intention to give very fresh and healthy sweetmeat experience for the people of our country in abroad. From the very beginning of our operation, we never compromise on our quality and resource. We spent an extra ordinary time for the research to understand our customers’ needs, their expectation and accordingly we developed different kinds of sweets to take our space in the heart of our valued customers.

 We have special products for Pohela Boishakh, Eid Festivals, Puja Festivals and different fair. Our customers are always speaks for us. Mithai Ghor (মিঠাই ঘর) will continue to improve better products and services in the days coming.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank Limited, Bangladesh, NBL Money Transfer Sdn Bhd provide the opportunities to Bangladeshi expatiates/ workers to open the following accounts in Bangladesh –

  1. Savings Bank Account (SB)
  2. NBL Monthly Saving Scheme (NMS)
  3. Millionaire Deposit Scheme (MDS)
  4. Fixed Deposit (FDR)
  5. Double Benefit Scheme (DBS)
  6. Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)
  7. Wage Earner Development Bond (WEDB)- A product of Bangladesh Government designed by Bangladesh Central bank for Bangladeshi national living abroad.

DesignCo started it’s business since 2019 with a bunch of professionals
who worked/working in top level of national and multinational
companies in the country and abroad with a firm and wide vision to
work on Garments, leather and woodcraft segment. On Garments
segment DesignCo works on mainly exceptional printing area which are
vinyl/heat transfer paper print, 3D printing, UV print, Color changing
printing, Thermal printing and many other variety of printing which are
new in Bangladesh. We also do work on denim for any direct laser
printing, ripped design etc. We engrave, cut and make design of all
types of shoes, ladies bags, money bag, belt etc whether it leather,
synthetic or any other materials. We do all types of woodcraft with any
types of design. We have most advanced and faster laser and marking
machine in this business. Use of laser technology has grown
significantly during recent years due to number of advantages over
conventional cutting methods, flexibility, high production speed,
possibility to cut complex geometries, easier cutting of customized
parts, and less leftovers of leather makes laser cutting more and more
economically attractive to apply for leather cutting. We are connected
and committed to design your head to toe on fashion materials and
accessories and corporate promotional goods.

1.Spong sweets kg rm- 35

2.Kachagolla kg rm-40

3.Rasmalai kg rm-60

4.Malaichop kg rm-60

5.Chom chom kg rm-50

6.Kalojam kg rm-40

7.Golap jamun kg rm-40

8.Mohonvog kg rm-50

9.Crem jam kg rm-42

10.Sana sondesh per pcs rm -3

11.Gurer payesh per box rm -5

Bee Informatica Sdn Bhd offers micro finance for women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to support financial inclusion for people who cannot access to traditional finance. We will offer the loan from RM2,000 to RM20,000. All service will offer by web and Android applications. Also we use Psychometric test as assessment process to offer loan opportunity not from traditional credit history but the characteristic analysis.

Bangladeshi and indian cuisine