Kuala Lumpur

  1. Beef tahari
  2. Foska
  3. Cotpoti
  4. Kabab

We, Mithai Ghor (মিঠাই ঘর), started with a noble intention to give very fresh and healthy sweetmeat experience for the people of our country in abroad. From the very beginning of our operation, we never compromise on our quality and resource. We spent an extra ordinary time for the research to understand our customers’ needs, their expectation and accordingly we developed different kinds of sweets to take our space in the heart of our valued customers.

 We have special products for Pohela Boishakh, Eid Festivals, Puja Festivals and different fair. Our customers are always speaks for us. Mithai Ghor (মিঠাই ঘর) will continue to improve better products and services in the days coming.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank Limited, Bangladesh, NBL Money Transfer Sdn Bhd provide the opportunities to Bangladeshi expatiates/ workers to open the following accounts in Bangladesh –

  1. Savings Bank Account (SB)
  2. NBL Monthly Saving Scheme (NMS)
  3. Millionaire Deposit Scheme (MDS)
  4. Fixed Deposit (FDR)
  5. Double Benefit Scheme (DBS)
  6. Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)
  7. Wage Earner Development Bond (WEDB)- A product of Bangladesh Government designed by Bangladesh Central bank for Bangladeshi national living abroad.

1.Spong sweets kg rm- 35

2.Kachagolla kg rm-40

3.Rasmalai kg rm-60

4.Malaichop kg rm-60

5.Chom chom kg rm-50

6.Kalojam kg rm-40

7.Golap jamun kg rm-40

8.Mohonvog kg rm-50

9.Crem jam kg rm-42

10.Sana sondesh per pcs rm -3

11.Gurer payesh per box rm -5

Bangladeshi and indian cuisine

“Shakera’s Kitchen” is a home-based kitchen where we serve home made, fresh and hygienic food. Basically those of our  “DESI” foods that aren’t available in this foreign country. And we all must have cravings for them. Our kitchen’s main motto is to serve you fresh home style food which has a motherly touch to it. All the items are made with handpicked fresh ingredients. We don’t compromise the quality of our food in anyway. That’s the main reason that, in this short period of time, our kitchen has made a special place in all of your hearts. Our sincere gratitude to all of you for making my journey so special. We hope to continue this journey with all the love and support we are getting from you. Thanks is a small word to describe your huge support, rather I would prefer to convey my LOVE to you all.🙏🏻💗