Youth Hub is a global platform for young people, focusing on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Youth Hub is working to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens and to educate and enable school students, especially girls, in Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship. Youth Hub launched its very own initiatives: SCHOOL CODERS, SUKONNA, GIRLS IN ICT & STEM, and SCHOOLPRENEUR.


The objectives of the initiative “SCHOOL CODERS” are to familiarize the students with the Computer Programming, make them learn basic things about coding, attract the students from their school life to computer education, improve their skills related to ICT and especially computer programming, involve them into hands-on activities to write the ‘code’.


The initiative targets girls and young women from local secondary schools, colleges and universities who are interested in ICT and STEM. We believe, if girls understand all the different functions and ways of working with ICT, they will have a deeper understanding on how ICT is used in their communities, in their places of work, and in government.


Schoolpreneur aim to brings School students, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts, Government Officials together under one platform to promote acquiring an entrepreneurial skillset at the school level. Schoolpreneur provides information, support, mentorship, and career development training as integrity entrepreneurs.


Education is like the magic wand for solving every problem in the world. As many people around the world will get the light of education, the world will become a more livable place. Education is practical, future-ready, and suitable for the current era. We believe that Education can not wait and Education should be first.


We are running many impact-driven projects to promote access to youth skills. We are focusing on ensuring technical skills development, easy access to TVET (technical and vocational education and training), innovation, entrepreneurship, and eliminating gender disparity across the globe.


A child’s gradually growing up as an enlightened soul and responsible citizen mostly depend of a qualified and committed teacher. That’s why we place great importance on teacher training programs. We make teaching more productive and meaningful by streamlining assignments, boosting collaboration, and fostering communication.

TRIKONOMIT- Sanitary Napkins at doorsteps.

COVID 19 is affecting not only food and economy but every aspect of our lives. In this situation, it has become difficult for many girls and women especially Underprivileged girls and young women in rural areas to buy sanitary napkins during the period or menstruation of them. On the other hand, due to the lockdown, many people have money in their hands but are not able to go out and buy it. In many cases, the product is not available. Most of our women feel shy or hesitant to ask their husbands, father, or brother to buy these products. Only 14% of females are using a sanitary napkin in Bangladesh and Many stay unhygienic in their period because of this. To solve this problem, We have initiated this initiative to reach out to unprivileged girls to provide free Sanitary Napkins door to door.

Through our activities, we are paving the way towards the achievement of SDGs.